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Work skills

Panoramic view luiz's timeline

Stages of Luiz's life

Logística de Transporte

Motorista de Caminhão- 2019 - 2022

Habilitação A & C - Rota Regionais e Internacionais

Comércio Exterior / Business

Ajudante de Despachante Aduaneiro 2023 -2024

Analista de expansão de Franquias  2023 - 2023

Especializado em Comércio internacional e Línguas Estrangeiras



Chef Pizzaiolo  2014 - 2015

Especializado em Cozinha Regional e cozinha internacional

Foto Luiz Davi caminhão.png
Livro Digital

About me - History and Data

My name is Luiz Davi Rocha De Goes, and it is with great pleasure that I present my story... I started my professional life at the age of 15 in  February 2014 as a pizzeria attendant, after a few months I became a pizza chef in August 2014, looking to earn more, still working at the pizzeria as a pizza chef, spent 1 year and 3 months in October 2015 and decided to leave the pizzeria as I was doing poorly at school !, so I ended up leaving school at the end of the year in October 2015. In 2016 I returned and finished my 3rd year of high school 2nd Degree - I decided to take some Distance Learning Professional Courses, in the areas of Administration, Human Resources, IT - Advanced Computing, Logistics, Marketing, PCP, Purchasing, Seeking more General Knowledge of All Sectors of a Company. At the time, I ended up being unemployed for about 2 years, just studying from 2016 to 2018, and then in February 2019 I joined Polzin, a Logistics company distributing Perishables, I was a Restocker/In-person retail and wholesale seller, and after 7 months and some days, I felt stagnating in that position and wanted more responsibilities, I spoke to the person in charge and the owner of the company and asked for an opportunity to be a driver's assistant, get to know different logistics routes and places, divided into neighborhoods, cities and states, I acquired knowledge and in January 2021,  I got behind the wheel of the truck and taking on more responsibilities, now too  responsible for training helpers to load goods and to become drivers as well, be responsible for helpers during the loading period, and at delivery and unloading locations, among other responsibilities, During my period as a Truck Driver, I realized a big dream which was to take a course higher education degree in Foreign Trade, as I have always been passionate about exact sciences, geography and languages, I had a dream of working in an office in exact sciences, doing negotiations, administration, Import, export and or Sales.... But life didn't allow me to go straight to what I wanted, continuing with my dream, I gave up my career as a Truck Driver, as I was close to the end of college, I stayed until I got my diploma, working without registration as a self-employed bricklayer in heavy duty, I got my diploma and talking to the Construction Master and the construction engineer, they made the old joke to me, that I worked hard because I didn't study, so I told them that I had studied, I showed my CV, and oddly enough the daughter and the foreman's son worked as a manager at 300 Performance Franchising, and I ended up receiving a recommendation from the foreman's sons to join the company and got a position after standing out in the collective selection process, where we tested our resourcefulness in sales and negotiation. , and I ended up joining as a Business Analyst / Sales Executive, to work expanding franchises inside and outside the country, I am very grateful to 300 Performance Franchising Ltda., Because it was a sales school for me, I ended up learning a lot in very little time time, but I ended up leaving the company for personal reasons and for reasons of identification with the company's culture, after the end of the experience where it was my First Contact working in administrative and corporate environments, and currently studying advanced Excel, Emotional Intelligence (sales), Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) and German and French languages because I understand the need (Foreign Trade), Today my OBJECTIVE is to work in the positions and areas mentioned above in the website header..  What moves me are: Taking initiative, Dealing with Challenges and results with an emphasis on quality, Precision and organization, in search of Continuous Improvement, Efficiency and Effectiveness. ​

Professional experience


CBO 142330026

Business Analyst / Sales Executive

300 Performance Performance Franchising Ltda.

Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil Full-time · 3 months

June 5, 2023 - September 2, 2022 · 3 months

  • Lead calls - captured through inbound marketing

  • Analyze the profile of investors and entrepreneurs, manage customer portfolio and time management, deal with goals.

  • Profile qualification of entrepreneurs, for the purchase or acquisition of franchises.

  • Direct the Businessman or investor to the investment profile that best suits them.

  • Have a pleasant conversation with the customer, collect key data by applying sales techniques.

  • Understand why he wants to invest in a business (PQI and PQN),

  • Listen to the potential investor and interpret him and ask (O.I.P)

  • Help with the main universal objections (Doubts and Uncertainties), applying social proof and SPIN selling.

  • Make a good approach to the Businessman and investor, developing interest and desire and generating commitment throughout the conversation, (A.I.D.A).

  • With repertoire, resourcefulness and arguments, dealing with different situations for each investor

  • Feed CRM HUBSPOT with relevant information, create and manage webinar events.

  • Over the course of a conversation Gain Credibility, Trust and Authority. (Mental Triggers & persuasion)

  • Understand investments, World Geography, Storytelling, scarcity, alternating advancement and sales techniques.

  • Good Communication and Public Speaking, maintain good behavioral and emotional balance (DISC, MBTI).

  • With a Planner and Executor profile, self-manage your time and routine, making calls and video conferences.

Timeline History

Analyst / Executive

Bricklayer Autonomous

Without Registration Pay Bills



CBO 7825-10

Truck Driver (Regional and international routes)

Comercial Agrícola Polzin Ltda.

Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil --> Full-time · 3 Years 8 Months 

January 2021 - September 2022 · 1 year 9 months

  • Customer Service (In-person or Telephone), Verbal and written fluency.

  • Customer relationship management, 20 to 60 fixed customers per delivery route.

  • Train, guide assistants to develop skills so that they can become drivers in the future.

  • Supervise and delegate tasks to helpers, organize and ensure the safety of cargo in the vehicle.

  • Goods Conference (Quality and Quantity.)

  • Plan Delivery Routes for 20 to 60 customers.

  • Decision-making in any unforeseen situation, autonomy and resourcefulness to resolve it in the best way.

  • Execution of simultaneous tasks focused on the activity,

  • Supervise Helpers and ensure their safety throughout the travel route.

  • Good communication, Time Management, Persuasion and Negotiations with clients.

  • Drive a 2 to 4 axle truck, transporting the goods safely to the customer.

  • Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration with All Sectors of the Company

  • Make Collections and Resolve Conflicts between Customer and Company.

  • Transport perishable products, Check the need for Truck Maintenance.

  • Delivery of Routine Service & Authorize Merchandise Exchanges if Necessary

Truck driver

Timeline History


2nd job without registration


CBO 7832-25

September 2019 - January 2021 · 1 year 5 months

  • Sort customer orders, Select quality merchandise. Box control

  • Organize orders in loading and delivery sequence, assist the driver in maneuvers.

  • Know all the company's products, Know the delivery routes, Member of CIPA.

  • Have good relationships with customers, load and unload goods during deliveries

Helper Driver

Timeline History

CBO 5211-25


February 2019 - September 2019 · 8 months

  • In-Person Customer Service, Operate Sales Management Software

  • In-person Sales Wholesale & Retail 

  • Support and Customer Support

  • Replenishment of goods in the sample

  • Change Merchandise Prices daily

  • Stock Monitoring, Fire Brigade



Pizza maker

Timeline History



CBO 5136-10


Pizzeria Kisapore Ltda.

Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil Full time · 1 year and 10 months

Aug 2014 - Oct 2015 · 1 year 3 months

  • Ensure food quality and flavor, in addition to making pizzas

  • Knowledge of foods, seasonings, aromatics and flavor combinations

  • Develop new recipes and attractive pizza combinations that please customers

  • Coordinate the kitchen team and control the stock of ingredients

CBO 5136-10

Attendant cafeteria

Feb 2014 - Aug 2014 · 7 months

  • Customer Service (In-person and Telephone)

  • Receive; Present products; Customer support; Clarify doubts;

  • Register orders, present the closing of the account to the customer and receive funds.

  • Basic Office, Cash flow control, cash closings. (Financial and Inventory)


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